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Great services provided by an amazing company

― Bradley Tucker

They made it easy & simple to understand!

― Tony Hall

Impeccable public safety advanced drone training

― Rob Rivett

Sugu Drones is the right place for training and tests. I got a high-quality learning experience here. My instructor Soreign Jackson is highly professional. He explained all details about drone operations and conducting thoroughly, precisely and clearly. It was clarity and consistency all the time. As a student, I felt comfortable, enjoyed the process and had fun.
I very much appreciate his patience and help. I was prepared for the test very well and passed it without any problem.
I also would like to express my gratitude to the manager Michelle. She is a supportive and customer-oriented person who always ready to help.


I came from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan just to receive my advanced drone training from Sugu. That’s how far their reputation reaches. I’ve emerged from this program with my proper advanced certification as well as receiving outstanding one-on-one mentorship. I highly recommend this program. I encourage anyone who wants to fly a drone, or already flies, to take this course, upgrade your knowledge and skills and be ready for the June 1, 2019 regulations which will affect drone flight in Canada.

RADIO BROADCASTChristina Cherneskey

I just completed my training at Sugu, and have passed both Small Advanced Exam and Flight Review. The learning experience is amazing and the course is very informative. I highly recommend Sugu Drones!



Experience That Counts!

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Great course for anyone looking to pass their advanced exam and in-person flight review. The course is broken into small 30min to 1hr segments followed by practice quizzes. The class sizes are really small and our instructor Soreign really took the time help us 1 on 1 if we were struggling. In the ground school class we were shown how to coordinate with Navcan and DJI, plan our flights, maintain proper records, best safety practices, and practice emergency procedures. Best part was getting to fly right next to Pearson Airport! I will definitely be back again for my recency requirements.

PhotographerRiley Snelling

The only drone school worth attending in Toronto. With a Canada wide scope and large fleet of pilots SUGU gets UAV Pilots flying legally and commercially.

MANAGERShannon Ross

Cool House Media

Really appreciated the help navigating the new Drone laws in Canada and learning the principals of flying and procedures. Just got my Advanced Operators license, thanks Sugu!

Film & TelevisionTaylor Bateman

I will say this “Cancellation of the Fanshawe College program in September was the best thing that could have happened to me, the level of support and knowledge at SUGU was great and something you can never experience through an online course. At SUGU not only I obtained necessary training certificate to proceed with my Transport Canada Certification but also phenomenal support, these guys really care to see their students go on and apply their studies in whatever business application you may need your UAV training for.

Thank you SUGU and more specific Soreign for all the help and support.

Photographer & PilotMartin Tadus
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